KO HVAC family photo in Kingston, PA.

Cody grew up in Hughestown and worked in the construction industry before joining the Air Force in 2013. After serving in Texas, Cody joined the Air National Guard and moved back to Pennsylvania. He then joined his childhood friend Stephen to start K.O. HVAC, bringing over a decade of knowledge in electrical, plumbing, and project management. Outside of K.O. HVAC, Cody enjoys grilling, enjoying the outdoors, model railroading, and spending time with his family, friends, and pets.

Stephen graduated from Fortis Institute’s HVAC program with a universal EPA certification along with other industry certifications. He later apprenticed at Hannabery HVAC, where he focused primarily on commercial and residential installation as well as system design. Stephen moved on to other companies, seeking opportunities to expand his HVAC knowledge and gained valuable experience in many different aspects of the trade. After nearly a decade in the industry, Stephen decided he was ready to take the leap and begin his own HVAC company in Kingston, PA—which he did with his friend Cody. Outside of performing his HVAC duties, Stephen enjoys doing Jiu Jitsu, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

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